Roasted Coffee So Fresh It Might Still Be Warm!


You may know of me as a dog behavior expert but no one is only one-sided. One of my loves from the time that I stole sips from my mother; way before I was old enough to be allowed, was coffee.

I followed the steps that most coffee lovers take to raise their game. I started with canned ground coffee, to buying bags of better ground coffee, to Gevalia (ground again), to buying beans (like A&P and Dunkin' Donuts coffee) and grinding it myself to buying gourmet single origin and flavored coffees.

Also, the coffee making devices went from (ugh) perk to drip (still using) to Moka Express to French Press.

SO, the next logical step was to roast my own. It worked out great! It was complicated enough as an art form to keep me interested. After trials of burning or too light a roast, I succeeded. It was so much fun I decided to make my coffee available for my clients as well as friends and family.

There are commercial roasters (the big operations) and micro-roasters, those small coffee shops that roast their own. Javahound? I would suppose that would make me a nano-roaster as I'm in this for the fun, the art and a few bucks to support my habit.

Enjoy the site as well as the fabulous coffee!


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